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Mark Andersen - (guitar)

Bradley Mangrum - (lead vocals, trumpet)

Joshua Taylor - (bass)

Matt Jamele - (drums)




Mark Andersen is a native of Southern California, guitarist for Letchen Grey and original member of the band. Mark started playing music when he was a child and learned how to play the ukulele in grade school when he was just 5 years old.


Fast forward to the 1980’s when Letchen Grey was in initially formed, Mark describes that time as, “exciting and fun!” While their first EP did really well and they were in a lot of magazines getting good reviews, the record company went bankrupt, took the masters and then tragedy struck when our friend and band member suddenly died. That was the end of Letchen Grey at that time until 2020.


In 2020, the original bass player of Letchen Grey, Eric Acevo and Mark began to play together again. They were playing covers in dive bars and rehearsing once a week. Mark says, “One day at rehearsal we just started playing our own stuff. We never really talked about it. Writing music was just completely natural to us.”


With a few line-up changes along the way, the NEW Letchen Grey is here in 2023, making incredible NEW music to share with the world and keep rock ‘n’ roll alive!



Bradley Mangrum, from Louisiana, grew up in a musical home and picked up the trumpet at age 5, sat first chair at middle and high school and received a full ride scholarship for music performance at University Southwest Louisiana­. Bradley didn’t start singing until he was 24 after the loss of his 5 year-old daughter as a way of coping with his broken soul.


Bradley has been on 5 national tours and performed with Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd, Geoff Tate of Queensryche and Alien Ant Farm.

In 2018, he moved to California and stopped performing and began racing bikes. Unfortunately, at one point had a bad bike wreck. However, this gave him the itch to start singing and playing trumpet again.

In 2023, Bradley was contacted by Mark Andersen from Letchen Grey and joined the band. Bradley is now helping write the material for the band and embarking on his next journey of life.



Joshua Taylor has been around the LA rock scene his whole life. His Dad, Sir Robert Warren, is a bass player that played in many original, tribute, and cover bands. Growing up, Joshua would tag along to gigs and take in the scene with dreams of having his own band to play in. In 2023, he joined Letchen Grey and is looking forward to a lot of fun and bright future with the band.



Matt Jamele is a drummer, music director, and arranger from Los Angeles, California. Although he studied jazz at California State University, Northridge, his playing and style encompass aspects of a wide variety of musical styles and influences. A majority of the time, you can catch him playing some form of jazz, R&B, funk, or gospel.

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